Advanced Project Costing for SAP Business One


Accurately predict and monitor income and expenditure with our advanced project costing software for SAP Business One

Project accounting software that helps you track relevant data for your business.  Our systems can help pinpoint what makes a project profitable, how workflow can be improved, and how costs can be minimized.

Our software ensures financial responsibility by comparing expenses to project budgets. If costs begin to exceed expectations, automatic alerts can help team members correct the error as soon as possible. .

Companies in industries such as law,  boat building, engineering, software development, offshore piping, interior design, advertising, construction and companies who manufacture small batch or prototype materials have all benefited from our software.


“We cannot operate our business without this…we’ve absolutely had good value for money.”

                                                   Nick Ogden – CEO

Key Features

  • Complete ERP and CRM project industries solution

  • Graphical project, resource & material planning software

  • Project based material management software

  • Easy to use (web) timesheet

  • Direct insight into margin pre– and post-calculation

  • Fast estimating and building plans (engineering software)

  • Accurate budget vs. actual management software

  • Gant chart for project planning makes assignment easy

  • Capacity planning (allocation of departments, labour and machines)

  • Accurate available-to-promise

  • The ideal choice for project driven companies

  • Completely integrated solution with a consistent user interface and one database

  • Project, material & capacity planning software

  • Fully functional logistics

  • Pre-calculation and job costingbx_project_screenshot

  • Service and repair (MRO)

  • Management software for inventory, accounting, CRM, time registration and invoice schedules

  • Just-in-time material planning and procurement

  • Milestone billing and down payment

  • Web-based labour reporting

  • Suits many different industries, e.g. machine & equipment building, boat building and maritime, offshore, piping, engineering services, interior design, high-tech & electronics and recycling.

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