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SAP Business One beat rivals Pegasus Opera and Exact to win AccountingWEB’s coveted award.

SAP Business One,  SAP’s flagship ERP product designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses, has been awarded AccountWEB’s coveted award for software excellence.

Of the 8,000 + software users polled by AccountingWEB,  the majority went on to shortlist SAP Business One, Pegasus Opera, and Exact but SAP Business One went on to win the award for software excellence proving that software giant, SAP, still knows a thing or two when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Head of SAP Business One for UKI, Matt Sinclair says, “It’s a real pleasure and honour to receive this award. It was our customers who voted so it’s a huge thank you to all of our customers across the UK and Ireland for giving us this fantastic opportunity. I would also like to thank the development team for producing such an innovative and stable product, all our UKI partners for their continued dedication to the product, and finally the UKI team for their passion and commitment to SAP Business One.”

Prospettiva Managing Director, Tony Marturano, added, “SAP Business One’s breadth of functionality speaks for itself and this award is a testament to the fact that our customers agree.  I would like to thank each and every one of those who voted. Without you, this would not have been possible.”

Prospettiva’s origins as East Anglia’s largest Sage Solution Centre led it to become one of the first companies to adopt SAP Business One when it was introduced to the UK, and then to subsequently become the first SAP partner to implement all new SAP Business One on HANA.

SAP HQ, Germany

SAP apps to become available on Google

Software giant, SAP, Europe’s largest technology company, is teaming up with Google.

The alliance will see SAP’s business apps become available on Google cloud.

Another reason why  more and more small-to-medium-sized businesses are trusting SAP help them run their businesses smarter.

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We’re Cambridgeshire’s largest SAP Business One solution provider.


‘Whaling’ – the new business email scam that targets senior executives

If you received an email from your CEO, requesting confidential or financial information, would you send it? Most would. Especially,  if it’s the kind of information he/she would normally request from you.

But what if that email was never sent by your boss, but by a fraudster on the other side of the world?

According  to a recently published post by Panda Security,  the practice of ‘whaling’ is increasing and is currently estimated to cost businesses over 2 million dollars per year.

The general advice when dealing with requests for sensitive or private information is to double check, in person or by phone, with the respondent to ensure that the request is genuine, and to consider carefully both the origin of the emails you receive as well as any attachment/links, before clicking on them.

You can read the Panda Security article in full, by clicking here.

To find out more about how to protect your business from email scam artists, get in touch, we’re Prospettiva.


In the UK, homeworking could reduce carbon emissions by three million tonnes a year.

This week, the blogged about how working from home is contributing to the fight against climate change.

The post cites a report by The Home 2025 project, a collaboration of The Climate Group’s network. It highlights how we can all contribute to tackling climate change and living better lives through the way we build, power and use our homes.

At Prospettiva, we specialise in business software solutions that enable you to manage your business wherever you and your team may be in the world.   After all, your office is just building, now your business can be wherever you are.

We know this because we’re a cloud-enabled company and always have been.

Find out how cloud solutions can help your business, by increasing flexibility and reducing overheads. Click any of the buttons below.

We’d love to hear from you. We’re Prospettiva.

You can read the full post on the’s website, by clicking here., Microsoft and Oracle trailing SAP in one specific area

This week, reports that while may be a leading online CRM solution for many businesses, it’s failing to gain sales outside of the USA.

The article goes on to say that the main reason for this may well be because that, unlike integrated solutions, such as SAP Business One, which also features its own integrated CRM feature,’s offerings reside exclusively in the cloud, and thus are are not available on premise.

Meanwhile, SAP enjoys 72% of revenue outside of the United States.

Read the full article, by clicking here.


Offer valid until June 29th 2016

SAP UK has launched a special summer promotion for existing SAP Business One sites. Buy additional SAP Business One licences now and get up to 10% off!

So, if you’ve been putting off purchasing an additional licence or licences, now’s the time to grab yourself a bargain. The more you buy, the more you save. But hurry, this is a limited time offer.

Call us on 01223 789 560 for more information or click here to send us a message.

This offer is subject to terms and conditions and expires on 29th June 2016.




 “The battlefield is the corporate network – we cannot fight the battle on the border anymore.”

Given the amount of personal and commercial data stored in databases around the world, the threat of cyber terrorism has never been greater.

However, while the self-defending network may not be a new concept, Cambridge-based firm, Darktrace, claims to have developed new software that can enable computers to automatically defend themselves against cyber attacks.

Read the full article here

digital future

A new kind of worker?

Autonomous trucks and  driverless excavators are just some of the everyday technological advances of the modern world. Much of this is made possible by the vast amount of real-time data. In fact, our society has never been this connected.
Some see this new digital era as a direct threat to the traditional worker, while others disagree, believing instead that the global workforce is simply evolving into a new breed; the digital worker.
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SB1 in Browser


Did you know?


Version 9.2 of SAP Business one is almost here, and it’s packed with an array of eagerly awaited new features, such as the new web browser interface.

If, like many of our customers you’ve been eagerly awaiting the new release of SAP Business One, then we’re delighted to inform you that the wait is almost over.

SAP Business One is 9.2 is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2016. Here are just some of the anticipated features:

        Users have the choice to use the SAP Business One client in MS Windows Desktop or via compatible browser.


        Several primary fields have now been extended to support 50 characters. Such as Item Number, BP Catalogue Number, and more.


        Creation of documents in electronic format.  Supports all A/R marketing documents


        Combines both financial and project management data in one solution.


        A Sales Order or Purchase Order can be reopened when you create Credit Memos for A/P or A/R Reserve Invoices drawn from corresponding orders.


        Statistical forecast with built-in models, incorporating trends and seasonal factors.


Including improvements to the Price Update Wizard, Bin Locations, Pick & Pack, MRP, Cost Valuation and more!Remember, the latest SAP Business One software releases are included in your annual maintenance plan. So, for more information about SAP Business One V9.2  features, including how to get upgraded, contact the helpdesk on 01223 789 560 or click here to send us a message.
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Further Viewing

If you would to see SAP Business One V9.2 in action, take a look at this video compilation.

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