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Make the leap today and get cashback on your existing ERP software – such as Sage, Pegasus, Quickbooks – and your static data converted for FREE!

There’s no doubt that products, such as Sage and Pegasus, are popular products for small to medium-sized businesses, but there comes a time when it’s right to make the leap.  Generally, because your business may have outgrown the functionality of your existing ERP software.

Make the leap to SAP Business One.

SAP Business One is one integrated solution designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses and boasts an array of features, such CRM, manufacturing. It’s multi-national, multi-currency, and features advanced nominal ledger, serial/batch number traceability, multiple warehouses, advanced stock management, reporting, advanced analytics (business dashboards) and real time in-memory technology, to name a few!

It’s for this reason that many of our customers have found SAP Business One to be the natural upgrade from products, such as Sage Line 50 and Quickbooks, as these have often lacked the functionality required by most growing businesses.

SAP Business One is NOT BIG SAP, which means it can be implemented in weeks, not years, and doesn’t cost a fortune.  SAP Business One is designed and priced for small to medium sized businesses.

And now, if you choose to upgrade to SAP Business One, not only will you receive a generous trade-in discount, but we’ll also convert all of your static data (names and addresses, stock items, header records) for free.  All you need do is supply your data via the import templates provided.

Ask us for a no obligation web demo or take the test drive from the comfort of your PC or mobile device by clicking the link below.

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If you know someone who might be interested in trading in their existing system, send us their details. We’re emailing an Amazon e-voucher to any referrer that results in a successful upgrade.
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