Dashboards and KPIs for SAP Business One

Unlock hidden signals in real time with SAP HANA Insights – a combination of the SAP HANA platform, analytics, and predictive capabilities.

With analytics powered by the SAP HANA platform, the SAP Business One application lets you take advantage of the latest advances in in-memory computing technology for analysis and reporting. You gain real-time access to information to support decision making – and a way to explore it in detail without IT assistance. As a result, you can make better decisions faster and increase employee productivity by putting your users in control of information.

Here are just some of the challenges faced by many of our clients:

  • Over reliance on IT or consultants for reporting

  • Cumbersome integration of third-party tools

  • Slow reporting and uncertainty when making decisions

  • Difficulty finding the data needed for analysis

Key Features

  • Analytics and reporting – Create and run reports on up-to-date data in SAP Business One in seconds, without IT assistance, and perform what-if analysis with the data you use most

  • Productivity tools – Use predefined content and multidimensional data sources to analyse data and build reports, and use Microsoft Excel to explore and investigate real-time data

  • Predefined dashboards and reports – Gain access to a variety of pre-built reports, customised around the business processes you use most

  • Search – Find and access all data in SAP Business One with freestyle enterprise search

Key Benefits

    • Better, faster decision making thanks to fast reporting, enterprise search, and easier access to your business’ most crucial data

    • More efficient employees by empowering them to generate standard and ad hoc reports in real-time using Excel without IT assistance

    • Higher ROI by leveraging transactional and operational data stored in SAP Business One allowing you to make the right decisions

    • Secure, long-term investment with a complete solution from a single vend

Dashboards in SAP Business One

SAP B1 Dashboard

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