Document Management

Automatically produce and distribute documents to recipients 
Automatically scan, tag, and archive documents
Multiple Designs
Print the same documents, but with endless designs
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Manage and distribute documents with ease, efficiency and automatically!

Printing documents can be expensive and time-consuming when you factor in the cost of the printer and its maintenance, paper, and ink or toner cartridges. What’s more, the space required for document storage could be considerable.

With our range of document management solutions, you can save both time, space and money. For example,  with SAP Business One, you can automatically scan, tag, attach supplier invoices to their respective account for future retrieval.

Now, you can automatically produce documents, such as invoices and credits notes, with an endless series of backdrops (on-the-fly). For example, you may want to send out the same invoice for a particular customer but on different designs (each including or omitting specific details).

Further, these can be automatically distributed to recipients of your choice, automatically. For example,  produce statements or debtors letters and automatically send these to relevant accounts contacts.


Tag (or keyword) search; find  documents in seconds, not minutes

Easy-to-use data archiving functions

Integrated to SAP Business One search functions.

Version Control

Batch and Serial Number Archiving

OCR Enabled

One-Click Archiving

Streamline Your Document Process