XL Reporter nearing end of life

XL REPORTER for SAP Business One is nearing its end of life.

In versions earlier than 9.0, XL Reporter was integrated with SAP Business One and Microsoft Excel and installed on the SAP Business One client.

As of SAP Business One 9.0, XL Reporter is released as an add-on with a limited platform and Microsoft Office version support only.

XL Reporter was originally designed for certain Microsoft Windows and Office versions. As continuously newer and enhanced versions of Microsoft Windows and Office are released (such as Windows 7 and 8; Office 2012; .net framework 4.0; SQL Server 2012), XL Reporter can no longer be kept up-to-date on all such platforms for technical and safety reasons. When XL Reporter runs in newer versions of these platforms, there are application issues without any solution (see the referenced SAP Notes).

The supported platforms for XL Reporter are:

XL Reporter End of Life.fwSAP Crystal Reports is an alternative reporting tool. It is an intuitive reporting solution that helps you create flexible, feature-rich, and dependable reports and printouts. SAP Crystal Reports can be used to deliver a range of financial reports, including any legal or statutory reporting requirements.

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