Not For Profit/Charities



Accurately manage budgets and financial funds

Not for Profit and Charity organisations need to focus on their mission, but economic conditions are putting a lot of pressure on them to get funding. Organisations in this industry need an ERP solution that allows them to do more with less, whilst conforming to stringent regulatory and operational requirements, and giving them more time to secure funding.

Relationship maps instantly give you visualisation of any transactions in the system. If this isn’t enough then a business dashboard is customisable, and leverages established best practices in providing an accessible tool for monitoring real-time business operations. This dashboard can also be tailored to fit certain roles, maintaining a clearly organized business community.

Customisation capabilities are included in the system as well, and are simplified to allow users to more easily enhance the software to better fit their specific requirements.

Render data quickly and easily

  • Eliminate time to run complex queries.
  • Provide reporting of information directly to the user/members automatically
  • Rapid query of data provides more accurate expenditure details
  • Streamline operations with an integrated finance solution


What functionality to expect

  • Event management tools, including project management, budgeting, reporting, etc.
  • Fully integrated CRM to provide a 360 degree view of activities with each contact.
  • Membership management and marketing tools.
  • Accommodates commercial activities running alongside non-commercial.
  • Job costing and time recording to manage research, consulting and other project work.
  • Financial operations
  • Fully integrated finance ledgers delivering tight business control and supporting SORP and SOFA requirements.
  • Capability to handle Standard, Partial and Exempt VAT recovery situations.
  • Analyse performance
  • Restricted/non-restricted fund reporting.
  • Real-time query and analysis tools for rapid analysis of data from any part of the system.


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