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digital future

A new kind of worker?

Autonomous trucks and  driverless excavators are just some of the everyday technological advances of the modern world. Much of this is made possible by the vast amount of real-time data. In fact, our society has never been this connected.
Some see this new digital era as a direct threat to the traditional worker, while others disagree, believing instead that the global workforce is simply evolving into a new breed; the digital worker.
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CRM for Outlook

SAP Business One integrates with Outlook

SAP Business One CRM for Outlook enables sales, support and management to perform and update important SAP Business One tasks directly in Outlook, saving time, removing the need to rekey and reducing the risk of errors.

Here are just some of the things you can do with the SB1 CRM for Outlook

  • Improve your daily work routines further through integration
  • Call your contacts from Skype or Lync
  • Look up directions on Google Maps
  • Go directly to the BP’s web site in your favorite browser
  • See LinkedIn profile in the ribbon and lookup in browser
  • Manage campaigns in MailChimp and add contacts to
    your existing list