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Online Collaboration

Unify your business with online collaboration designed specifically for you, by you

Internet Companies

The internet is over 25 years old and it has just been dubbed of the most important inventions of our time since it  has fundamentally shaped who we are as a people. It’s one of the many reasons why companies, such as Facebook, are investing millions of dollars in bringing the internet to some of the most remote places on our planet.

It is thanks to the internet and advances in technology that many of us are able to communicate and share information with contacts and loved ones across the globe in seconds. We’re able to start work even before we’ve arrived at the office. Many have gone one step further and actually no longer need to commute to the office to turn in a full day’s work.

There’s no doubt that both our social and professional worlds have changed.

Fragmented Business

However, whilst the power of technology may have connected millions of individuals and businesses around the world, we’re finding that many organisations are suffering from business fragmentation; data from multiple departments is stored in different databases, spreadsheets and hard drives.  From company servers through to personal inboxes through to different devices, many simply aren’t getting the latest information when it is needed all the time. And in a fast moving, highly competitive world this can spell disaster for some businesses.

Worse still, because businesses are often busy firefighting information black holes and fulfilling customer queries and orders there’s often no time for the proactive exercise of finding one integrated solution that enables them to store, share and communicate with team members and business partners in a simple and safe structure.

The paperless reality

Thankfully, some very successful cloud repository companies have responded to our need to store, share and collaborate on files.  Box and Dropbox being just two of them. They, along with a selection of other brands, such as Apple’s iCloud and Microsoft’s OneDrive, enable businesses and individuals to back up and sync between devices important data, such as documents, photos, music and more.

However, whilst cloud repositories are highly effective at sharing business documents and data, they stop short of providing one secure, online, fully integrated solution. Such a solution would incorporate all crucial business requirements including a secure company intranet where employees and business partners could collaborate and work together wherever they may be across the world, either in or out of the office via a web browser or their mobile device. The solution would be a place where all crucial business data, such as CRM, leads and projects can be viewed and modified in real time.

Podio Project CollaborationWorkspace

Everything in one place

Enter Podio, by the global leader in telepresence technology, Citrix. It incorporates all of the above and more for a low monthly cost per organisation user, per month. That is users within an organisation and not the unlimited number of collaborators, customers and or suppliers, who can be invited to collaborate on one of the unlimited workplaces for free.

Moreover, Citrix Podio integrates with Box, Dropbox, SugarSync and many other online solution providers, and, thanks to Citrix Podio API solutions, it can even integrate to existing ERP solutions, such as SAP or Sage.

Citrix Podio boasts hundreds of free apps on its marketplace to manage everything from recruitment through to complex workflows across all business departments. And if an app doesn’t already exist, that’s no problem, users can simply build their own through its user friendly ‘drag and drop’ interface.  Data can simply be imported and exported with one click spreadsheets, calendars can be synced with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook, and there’s easy integration with leading online brands, such as helpdesk leader, Zendesk.

One place for everything

There really aren’t many business challenges that Citrix Podio cannot resolve.  And you would be forgiven for thinking that this were just another marketing gimmick but it isn’t.


Well, because we’re speaking from experience. Prospettiva has been using Citrix Podio successfully for two years now. We manage all aspects of our organisation via an array of Citrix Podio apps and workflows. All of our projects feature Citrix PODIO workspaces enabling our clients to view and collaborate on project information, such as deliverables, timesheets, issues logs, and project time consumed/remaining, in real time. No need to ask for reports or hunt down the last project update spreadsheet.

It’s thanks to Podio that we’re able to offer all of customers complete visibility over what we do.

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of Citrix Podio then take a look at the further reading or further viewing sections below. If you’d like to take PODIO for a test drive using your own real world scenarios then click the icon to get in touch with us, it takes minutes to set up your own demo workspace with some of your own apps and even your own data!

Unify your business with Citrix Podio and Prospettiva. Call 01223 789 560 or click here to send us a message.

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