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Reporting & Analytics

Some questions are not as simple as they first appear, and you may find yourself asking the same questions over and over, and never really feeling like you know the answer.

“Did that delivery go?”, “Are we making a loss on this sale?”, “Is my team going to hit target this month?”, ” What is the unit price for 10,000 of these by next Thursday?”

Analytics is the complete process of identifying what the answer would look like, deciding what information you need to answer it, making sure that information is captured, and displaying it in a useful format for the purpose of the question.

Doing this consistently delivers Business Intelligence.

We have been working with Business intelligence applications for years, and we have seen that all too often the solution to the problem of reporting is missed right at the beginning of the business process

– The data you need to answer critical business questions is simply not recorded at the time or in the form that is needed.

Basic business data on customers and suppliers is missing, out of date or simply incorrect – often the true picture only exists as ‘tacit’ knowledge in an employee’s head.
There is so much data that finding the answer to the question takes too long.
As a manager you know there is a problem, but you are not sure what the problem is or where to look for the answers.

These situations alone or in combination make your business vulnerable to making mistakes, loosing valuable company IP when employees move on, and failing to capitalise on opportunities that you may not spot.

SAP BUSINESS ONE with SAP HANA database and analytics provides a single integrated package that will allow you to captured the relevant business data, and to analyse and report on it in a single system in real time.

NO ETL middleware
NO Data staging
NO Additional Servers or Database licences required.

Prospettiva can help you through this process to deliver powerful reporting that shows what is really happening as it happens.

Avoid mistakes – make fewer mistakes, spot those that happen earlier

Reduce risks – get business critical information recorded in your system and maintain control

Reduce operating capital requirements – know what to buy and when to buy it

Shorten sales times – answer key questions quickly

Increase productivity – manage by exception and focus on what matters.


Real-time analytics means that

Your day to day operating database IS the data warehouse

Your day to day reporting tools ARE a business intelligence suite

One database,
One set of infrastructure
One layer of reporting schemas to deliver powerful KPI’s, Dashboards, and rapid interactive pivot table and graphical drill down reporting, even on mobile devices! All on data up-to-the-second accurate.

SAP is the world leader in Business Intelligence (Gartner –

Market Share Analysis: Business Intelligence and Analytics Software, 2013) and HANA is the most advanced in memory database ‘

There are important technical differences between SAP’s all-in-memory Hana platform and the in-memory add-on features the others are grafting onto their conventional databases.’


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(Information week ‘two-approaches-to-in-memory-database-battle’ 3rd April 2014)

SAP Business One on HANA is the only Business management suite for Small and medium sized businesses that offers integrated best in class ERP software and Hugely powerful and highly regarded Advanced analytics tools as a single platform, with a single installation on readily available hardware from DELL< HP, FUJITSU or IBM or Deployed in the Cloud