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SAP Business One

Why SAP is the dominant ERP Provider


Here’s an interesting article about SAP and why, regardless of market share, it’s the best ERP solution for business.

SAP Business One is designed specifically for small to medium sized businesses which means that its very competitive on price but not on functionality.

You can read the Huffington Post article by following the link below.  If you have any questions about SAP/ SAP Business One, call us 01223 789 560.

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SAP Business One


It’s a new year and SAP has announced the release of SAP BUSINESS ONE Version 9.1

SAP BUSINESS ONE Version 9.1 includes improvements in the following areas:

  • Business Partner Record
  • Financials
  • Fixed Assets
  • Sales and Purchasing
  • Workflows
  • And more…

For a detailed list of features, click here to download the PDF file.

If you would like to arrange an upgrade, click here to send us a message or call the helpdesk on 0844 318 6000




Finance Options


We believe that investment should be made as part of the overall strategy for your business.


That’s why we offer a range of options to compliment your business cashflow and budget.


Finance Options for On Premise

If investing in infrastructure is already part of your overall strategy and you are looking to buyIAAS business software and associated services to be installed on existing or new servers then we have a range of appropriate finance options. These have very attractive interest rates for repayments over a period that suits you.
We also regularly run promotions that often come with the benefit of interest free or ‘holiday’ options.

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Rent Hosted Infrastructure

If you’re looking to cut your IT costs, or are simply are looking to invest your start-up capital
in product rather than infrastructure then a hosted service is for you. For one low and predictable monthly fee you can ‘rent’ a server for as long as you wish without the need for capital investment and ongoing in-house maintenance costs.


Rent On-Demand Software

Whether you’re just setting up in business or are looking to cut SAASoverheads, Software On-Demand is exactly what it says on the tin. We have a selection of software options, from ERP through to office protection (antispam and antivirus) solutions that are available for one small and predictable monthly fee for as long or as short as you like.

We take care of everything for you. All you need do is select the desired disk space, subscribe to the software titles you need, pay a deposit and we can have you up and running literally within a couple of hours.

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Find out more about launching your business with little outlay or how to shave thousands off IT costs Get into the cloud!